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Collection of information from viewers

Our site will store the information provided by the user or trial user or any supplementary information given by the user in secure servers under our control. The information collected is in the form of the name of the user, his telephone number(s), address, designation, name of the company, e-mail address and other relevant and supplementary information. Additional information can also be gathered while communicating with the users of the site for soliciting subscription to our services by our marketing or content or other related teams belonging to the site. The data and information is sought to serve our users better.

The website may provide tiered access to its information depending on the nature of subscription. Security levels are adjusted according to internal access logic of the website. Those with free access have a different set of rights from others with a paid subscription. Within the paid subscription paradigm, access is given either to some or all parts of the website.

While certain minimum information on the users is necessarily collected, it is up to the users to reveal or withhold more information, as they choose or deem necessary. While our teams may solicit additional information for marketing purposes, the discretion is to be exercised by the users on the quantum of incremental information that they would want to divulge.

Types of users on our site

There are different levels of access to the site. Free access is given for a limited period of time for users to understand how the site functions and to check the kind and quality of information on the site. A paid access is given either to every part of the site or to limited areas within it. Access can also be given to other sister sites of this website (IndianFertilizer.Com, IndianPetrochem.Com, IPGProjects.Com, IPGSolar.Com. and EnergyLineIndia.Com) through links from IndianPetroPlus.Com depending upon the nature of subscription. Everyone who has access to the site will require a username and password. Teams within IndianPetroPlus.Com will have access to the information filed by the users. This information will be used to send emails or personally communicate with the users through telephone.

Readers Rights

The user is allowed the right to generate his own username and password by going to the Change Password Button in the Login page. Employees are not allowed access to the password as it is a protected property of the user. If the user wants, he could reset the password by clicking on the Forget Password link in our Log In page. He can also reset his password at his own will.

He can ask for changes to his access by contacting our teams using the Contact Us button. A user is allowed the exclusive privilege to use the website. He is not allowed to provide his username and password to any third party unless he is explicitly provided permission to do so by a contractual arrangement with the website.

Additional layer of security to our users

IndianPetroPlus.Com’s software is programmed to log off a user if he remains inactive for 30 minutes so as to limit any misuse of his access.

Use of cookies

IndianPetroPlus.Com uses “cookies” to enable the user to have a smoother experience while accessing the website. Cookies are a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in the user's web browser. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the user's previous activity. Cookies are designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember information (such as pages browsed on a site) or to record the user's browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited in the past). Cookies can also store passwords and content a user has previously entered, such as a credit card number or an address. Users can of course accept or reject cookies through their browser set up. IndianFertilizer.Com uses cookies to create a better and faster access to its website. The site guarantees that its cookies will not perform any malicious activity on the user’s browser.

Alert us in case of breach of security

If you have think that your access to our website has been compromised or a third party is using your access, please call us up or send us a mail at Please be assured that we will take immediate action.

Get in touch with a suggestion

We have strived to build a first-rate site. Our aim is to create a pleasurable and fruitful experience for our users. However we are open to suggestions. Please do not hesitate to write to us at with your ideas and suggestions. Our response team will reach out to you should you desire an interaction.

Non-disclosure policy

At IndianPetroPlus.Com, we take pride in guarding our information so that it does not fall into third party hands without our consent. Our employees are made to sign non-disclosure agreements when they join us. We however reserve the right to use the information for our commercial gain without compromising on the interests of our users.


IndianPetroPlus.Com uses its mailing services to send mass mailers. These could be in the form of mass newsletters and client specific communications. These mailers are usually sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We send mailers only to those users who are legitimately registered with our website. However, we do not own responsibility for any mail or communication that can be alleged later to have been delivered in an unsolicited manner. Given the nature of bulk mails that we typically handle some computers or servers may mark them as ‘spam’ mail. Users are advised to look at their spam folder if they do not get our mails and then mark them as “safe” so as to enable the mails to reach their inboxes.