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Monthly Downstream Report


Will India take the next steps to becoming an export hub for petroleum products? A lot would depend on the emerging regulatory system. We leverage our proprietary installed base and project software to bring clients a wide array of inputs in the refining sector.

Deregulation of prices will have far reaching implications in the refining and marketing segments of the oil and gas economy and our team of journalists and scouts will keep you abreast of the latest developments that increasing competition will bring about.

  • The monthly report will provide exclusive insights into how the government and regulatory agencies are moving on pricing policies, subsidy calculations, and direct transfer of subsidies, import regulations, pipeline tariffs and corporate strategies.
  • As-of-yesterday data and analysis of import and export of petroleum products and prices
  • Corporate marketing strategies in a deregulated environment
  • The monthly update also brings inputs from our proprietary software on Installed refinery capacity. We collect primary data at multiple levels on refinery installed bases, including:
    1. The full Utility Matrix
    2. Key contacts
    3. Unit level capacity data
    4. Ongoing downstream projects
  • Planning to Commissioning schedules for downstream projects (multiple tracking from Capital Approval, RFQ date, release date, start and completion dates)
  • Capital Approval, RFQ date, release date, start and completion dates)
  • Turnaround data
  • Unit wise raw material demand and finished product production data
  • Actionable intelligence from our exclusive coverage of policy and regulatory developments
  • Benchmarking your performance parameters with those of your competitors
  • Detailed analytics from our real time proprietary database on import and export of petroleum products keep you in loop with the latest price curves and competitor data
  • Business opportunities through our project and installed base databases.
  • Have your questions answered on specific projects from our analysts
  • Monthly recommendations on possible course of action from behind-the-scenes glimpses on policy formation
  • Multi parameter updates on business opportunities
  • Analysis of import and export of petroleum products along with prices
  • Custom research support(optional)
  • Limited analyst and journalist support
  • Fortnightly/monthly briefing with the indianpetroplus team (optional)

You can also access our complimentary products, including:

  • Daily Intelligence Service
  • Daily news on downstream projects
  • Access to proprietary software on downstream sector facilities and projects (optional)
  • Access to our real time pricing database of petroleum products import and export, and crude imports along with related prices (optional)


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