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  • Apr 06:Low gas prices are kick starting power plants Details
  • Apr 06:COVID-19: How is oil & gas demand projected to behave going ahead Details
  • Apr 06:Bargain hunting during times of crisis: No one can beat the Indians in this Details
  • Apr 06:The Trump deal: Explained Details
  • Apr 06:LNG demand: How much of it was impacted by the lockdown in India? Details
  • Apr 06:Industry gets a relief list together Details
  • Apr 03:Indian LNG business: 2020-21 may turn out to be one of the best years Details
  • Apr 03:Coronavirus impact: Will the oil sector end up sharing the economic burden of other segments of the economy instead of getting any relief? Details
  • Apr 03:McDermott's Force Majeure: An update Details
  • Apr 03:Coronavirus impact: Prices touch fresh lows Details
  • Apr 03:Great Eastern Shipping: Will it post its best year ever this year? Details
  • Apr 02:Public sector companies move to email billing Details
  • Apr 02:Downward revision in gas prices: What are the implications? Details
  • Apr 02:LNG charter hire vessels may get scarce: GAIL faces a Hobson's choice Details
  • Apr 02:Salary cuts: Multinational says it will pay for three months, can others be depended upon to pay up? Details
  • Apr 02:COVID-19: How equipped is RIL to take it on? Details
  • Apr 01:LNG spot market crashes but what is up with vessel rates? Details
  • Apr 01:Tanker market going through unprecedented undulations Details
  • Apr 01:Ceiling price below viability level for ONGC's $5 billion investment Details
  • Apr 01:LNG imports surged in February, what about March and then April? Details
  • Mar 31:Oil price outlook: A realistic assessment Details
  • Mar 31:Some E&P EOIs are still active Details
  • Mar 30:Coronavirus update: Petroleum ministry issues instructions Details
  • Mar 27:COVID-19: Survival guide for managers Details
  • Mar 27:To unclog gas demand, government gets into crisis management Details
  • Mar 27:Faced with demand destruction, Indian refineries may have to fight to push higher exports Details
  • Mar 27:Confusion rules in Indian ports Details
  • Mar 27:Indian refiners slice production Details
  • Mar 27:Petrochemical sector goes into a tailspin in India Details
  • Mar 27:Indian seafarers are left in the lurch as lockdown does not allow them to deboard Details
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