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  • Feb 28:Offshore block: Integrated drilling services needed Details
  • Feb 28:IMO 2020 implications becoming more complicated: Scrubbers were in but they are out now Details
  • Feb 28:5 MMTPA of additional LNG capacity to get activated Details
  • Feb 28:Tellurian deal: PLL boss emerges a hero Details
  • Feb 27:LNG data: Record liquefaction capacity coming up, even as breakeven price is far higher than current prices Details
  • Feb 25:IMO 2020 complications: New findings can have unintended consequences Details
  • Feb 25:HOEC hits home with first offshore well Details
  • Feb 24:Shell's report on LNG demand and supply: Speaking with a forked tongue? Details
  • Feb 24:PDIL: Privatization may not be all that simple to undertake Details
  • Feb 24:JKM LNG price at historic low: Indian bargain hunters on the prowl Details
  • Feb 24:AG&P breaks ground in Karaikal: Seeing a market where others may not Details
  • Feb 24:"Buy" recommendation out for GAIL but what could be the negative triggers? Details
  • Feb 24:Shipping industry: Know more on how one company increased profitability riding on technology solutions Details
  • Feb 24:Shipping industry: A two-tiered post-IMO market is turning out to be a multi-tiered one Details
  • Feb 20:Indian shipping industry: More headwinds in 2023 Details
  • Feb 20:DSF promoters: Source oil field equipment at throwaway prices Details
  • Feb 20:Product pipeline tariffs to be more intimately woven to railway tariff rates Details
  • Feb 20:LNG prices are at historic low: India's average cost of LNG purchase in January did not come down by much Details
  • Feb 20:India's North East: Marketing of gas is a complicated business Details
  • Feb 19:Coronovirus and Great Eastern Shipping: What has been the impact Details
  • Feb 19:PNGRB framework to tackle end of marketing exclusivity: What impact will it have on the market? Details
  • Feb 19:Territorial dispute: Megha wins battle Details
  • Feb 19:B.C Tripathi joins gas importer's board Details
  • Feb 18:Great Eastern Shipping offshore fleet: Above 90% utilization Details
  • Feb 18:January POL consumption is down: Both structural and cyclical factors at work Details
  • Feb 17:ONGC confident of first gas by June 2022 from Khubal Details
  • Feb 17:Cairn's OALP blocks: Progress report Details
  • Feb 17:EPC projects: Money can saved if best practices are followed Details
  • Feb 17:Coronovirus has created the perfect storm in the petrochemicals market Details
  • Feb 17:Excess HSFO after IMO 2020: Where is it headed now? Details
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