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  • Aug 04:ONGC's OSV tender: Hind Offshore has the lowest rate Details
  • Aug 04:ONGC's PSV tender: Raj Shipping comes out lowest Details
  • Aug 04:IOC gets a marketing director, finally Details
  • Aug 04:Greet Eastern Shipping finds work for two offshore rigs Details
  • Aug 04:Daily import matrices Details
  • Aug 04:LNG shipments lined up Details
  • Aug 04:ONGC's AHTS requirement: L-1 bidder quotes way lower than L-2 Details
  • Aug 03:Removing ceiling on gas prices: What is the government saying? Details
  • Aug 03:Mumbai high tragedy: Change in offshore vessel hiring norms expected Details
  • Aug 03:Daily import matrices Details
  • Aug 03:Revelation of price bid during techno-commercial bid: Provisions relaxed Details
  • Aug 03:Shell’s Hazira terminal has 4 LNG shipments lined up Details
  • Aug 03:MRPL has 369k MT of crude lined up Details
  • Aug 03:Floating LNG stations is the new rage Details
  • Aug 02:Import matrices and port updates Details
  • Aug 02:RIL's RO sales are twice industry average: Intends to expand network Details
  • Aug 02:E&P: Plans expedited as prices firm up Details
  • Aug 02:HMEL's pipeline subsidiary: Interesting model Details
  • Aug 02:Major oil & gas RFQs out Details
  • Aug 02:Desi offshore rig company: Going down Details
  • Aug 02:142k MT of LPG unlade in India recently Details
  • Aug 02:Daily Chemical Import Matrix Details
  • Aug 02:1.2 MMT of crude oil unloaded all over India in the last week Details
  • Aug 02:828k cbm of LNG arrives at Dahej port Details
  • Aug 02:Indian economy: Not taking off in the manner it was expected Details
  • Aug 02:Subsidy scheme for domestic shipping: Not everybody thinks it will help Details
  • Aug 02:Existing gas customers cannot raise intake Details
  • Aug 02:How EIL lost NRL: Biggest failure of the Nakra regime Details
  • Aug 02:McDermott and new technology: Know more Details
  • Aug 02:Review of FDI norm for oil & gas: Details Details
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