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  • Sep 22:Policy & Economic Report - Oil & Gas Market [FIPI] Details
  • Sep 22:Annual Reports 2022-23 [Synergia] Details
  • Sep 22:Analyst / Investor Meet - Intimation [RIL] Details
  • Sep 22:Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report for FY 2022-23 [GAIL] Details
  • Sep 22:Intimation under Regulation 30 of SEBI [BPCL] Details
  • Sep 22:Outcome of Meeting of the Board constituted Committee of Directors held on Thursday, September 21, 2023 [Vedanta] Details
  • Sep 22:Compliance under the Securities and Exchange Board of India [Vedanta] Details
  • Sep 22:Submission of information pursuant to SEBI Listing Regulations [HOEC] Details
  • Sep 21:New milestone for Seadrill rig [OE] Details
  • Sep 21:Order : Gujarat Gas Limited Vs. Adani Total Gas Limited [PNGRB] Details
  • Sep 21:Hiring of Knowledge Partner for Technical Consultancy Services for Study and Research of Natural Gas Infrastructure in India [PNGRB] Details
  • Sep 21:Procurement of Goods under NCB Open tenders through GeM portal [ONGC] Details
  • Sep 21:Systemic Improvement for reduction in Demurrage Payment while clearing the imported consignment [ONGC] Details
  • Sep 21:Outcome of Postal Ballot [GES] Details
  • Sep 21:Offshore E&P in for another boost: Big tender coming up ahead Details
  • Sep 21:Daily forward looking import matrices Details
  • Sep 20:Intimation of Board Meeting - Regulation 29(1) of the SEBI [Swan] Details
  • Sep 20:E&P project: Will L&T be the only bidder? Details
  • Sep 20:Complex offshore tender of ONGC: A bird's eye perspective on how a job unfolds Details
  • Sep 20:IGX offtake: Why low prices do not necessarily mean an uptick in volumes? Details
  • Sep 20:Can LPG substitute gas in power generation? Details
  • Sep 20:Offshore E&P tender: Will bidders be able to extract their pound of flesh? Details
  • Sep 20:This E&P company promotes a woman as head of drilling Details
  • Sep 20:One month gas supply under auction Details
  • Sep 20:Surface facilities for E&P projects: Turnkey is the way out from here on? Details
  • Sep 20:Offshore well completions: Long lead time given Details
  • Sep 20:Offshore rig requirement: Movement seen Details
  • Sep 20:How does the government sell the oil & gas sector to investors? Details
  • Sep 20:LPG price cut may not boost demand Details
  • Sep 20:POL consumption throws up some interesting variations Details
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