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  • May 13:Self Drilling: How many rigs are on hire in India? Details
  • May 13:Bharat Seth on the Indian offshore rig and vessel market: Details Details
  • May 13:Criticism for non-performance: Shell boss believes gas demand will come from non-traditional sources Details
  • May 13:COVID impact: Foreign crews want to skip Indian ports Details
  • May 13:ONGC's 14-vessel tender: 66 vessel in the fray Details
  • May 13:Fertilizer import matrix Details
  • May 13:Chemical import inventories sharply down Details
  • May 13:Crude imports are lower Details
  • May 13:LNG: Dabhol shuts down, finally! Details
  • May 10:Looking for consultants: Low pay, great experience Details
  • May 10:LNG stations:Plug and play models are here now Details
  • May 10:Deficit seen on oil supply this and next year: Prices set to rise Details
  • May 10:Three wells in an offshore block: Looking for a consultant Details
  • May 10:Domestic pipe industry: In for a massive expansion Details
  • May 10:LNG stations: Setting them in GQ is the focus now Details
  • May 10:Great Eastern Shipping reaps a never-before bonanza Details
  • May 10:ONGC contracts for a jackup drill for three years Details
  • May 10:Greka Drilling Ltd: Know more Details
  • May 10:Electric vehicles will make no impact on CNG/LNG driven vehicles: Study Details
  • May 10:ABB's modular approach to LNG, CO2 capture, hydrogen biogas and water treatment: Finding support from other stakeholders Details
  • May 10:World bank opposes LNG: War of words over it Details
  • May 10:Virus attack: Some ports hit Details
  • May 10:Fertilizer import matrix for the day: Details Details
  • May 10:Average chemical imports are at 1 MMTPA: Now down 17% Details
  • May 10:Record 8 MMT of crude line up: Offtake is slowing down at the refinery is the conclusion Details
  • May 10:LNG imports: A full update Details
  • May 07:Heavy impact on EIL: Management takes proactive steps Details
  • May 07:HAL Offshore: Strong performance but dependent on single customer Details
  • May 07:Aegis Logistics catches the fancy of stock market analyst Details
  • May 07:Offshore blocks: One operator gets going Details
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