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Our "Monthly E&P Report" typically tracks progress in regulatory changes & associated E&P activities. The report includes updates from our proprietary databases on drilling, rigs, seismic surveys and projects on a monthly basis.

The service incorporates updates from our database covering over 300 blocks managed by 58 operators across India. The database provides complete operational information on all NELP (I to IX) and pre-NELP blocks as well as all medium and small fields.CBM blocks are also covered in this report.

The report includes exclusive and critical inputs from our editors at

The monthly report provides updated information on:

  • Changes in ownership in all oil and gas blocks.
  • Crude oil & gas production, royalty payments and profit petroleum data for all fields.
  • Movements in phase-wise detailed work program for every block.
  • Developments in all future work programs disaggregated into sub parts with timelines changes in regulatory permissions and PSC related issues for every block.

The report is updated every month and the coverage includes exceptions relating to MWP, penalties, audit observations, delay and deviation from schedule.

Drilling & Seismic Activities:

Exploratory and development drilling activities are regularly tracked on our database and monthly updates are provided to client. Information and coverage includes name of well and block, classification of well, name of operator, well co-ordinates, water depth in case of offshore wells, spud date and end date, name of rig used, planned depth(PTD) and objective, current depth, final depth, well discovery, test data, among other critical commercial information.

The report also provides monthly status updates on seismic surveys being carried out in India. Information and coverage includes important checklists such as name of block, name of operator, type of seismic activities, onshore/offshore, acquisition plans, seismic contractor/vessel, start and end date, current status, total acquisition etc.

Licensing Activities in E & P Blocks:

The monthly report will also provide inputs on decisions taken regarding:

  • Extension of appraisal period.
  • Delays and deviations from schedule.
  • Project extension.
  • Penalties for unfinished work program.
  • Audit exceptions.
  • Bank Guarantee.
  • Relinquishment.
  • Farm-ins.
  • Discoveries.
  • Dry Holes.
  • Declaration of Commerciality (DOC).

Contract related updates are provided from two of our proprietary databases that covers:

  • Offshore and onshore E & P contracts.
  • Gas production system involving processing platforms, gas and crude gathering station, processing facilities, metering systems, etc.
  • Exclusive insights on regulatory changes allow clients to plan the future.
  • Stakeholder views give clients better perspective of the policy making process
  • Accurate and specific inputs provide clients with actionable information
  • Inputs on strategies and best practice employed by competitors allows clients to accordingly finetune their approach
  • Dedicated insights from our experienced team allow clients to focus attention on the job instead of hiring an expensive in-house data collection apparatus.
  • Inputs from our proprietary databases help you to keep track of competitor projects
  • Equipment and service providers as well as suppliers of gas can identify specific development business opportunities.
  • Limited analyst support available to keep track of specific opportunities
  • Monthly report
  • Recommendations for possible course of action from behind the scenes close glimpses on policy formation
  • Comprehensive excel sheet on business opportunities, both for suppliers of equipment and services and gas
  • Detailed analysis and data on import of LNG along with current CIF prices
  • Custom research support (optional)
  • Limited analyst and journalist support
  • Fortnightly/monthly briefing with the indianpetroplus team (optional)

You can access our complimentary products, including:

  • Daily Intelligence Service
  • Daily updates on gas and midstream projects
  • Access to proprietary software on gas sector facilities and projects (optional)
  • Real time Import Export data base on LNG imports (optional)


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