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Find out how ONGC saved $ 25 million each in 265 production and drilling platforms
Apr 17:   Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. (ONGC) produces oil from the Western Offshore fields off the coast of Mumbai, India. Rather than decommission its fixed, jacket-type platforms dating back to the 1970s, ONGC opted to requalify the structures as fit for extended use.
8The $150-million project involved the structural assessment of more than 265 platforms, the majority of which had exceeded their 25-year design life. A foremost priority included the identification and delivery of strengthening and mitigation measures for 90% of these platforms, as well as the subsequent recertification necessary to meet industry safety requirements.
8The aim was to add 10-15 years to the structures’ lifespan.
8Studies conducted during the analyses included dent modeling, member-joint component strengthening, and additional pile modeling.
8Each requalification not only ensured uninterrupted oil production, but also avoided installation of a replacement platform at a net cost of $25 million.
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